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Bona BUCURESTI · Bona full-time· Femeie,  20 ani· 2 ani experienta babysitting · Facultate · 25 - 40 RON / pe ora Nefumatoare

Scrisoare de intentie

Hi! I’m Marta Rodriguez, I’m 19 years old and I’m from Barcelona, Spain. I’m studying education at the University of Barcelona and I’m in my second year, but I decided to interrupt it for one year in order to volunteer in Bucharest for 10 month in a program about non formal education, in the NGO Scoala de Valori. Now, I am delivering sessions to teenagers and I would like to find a job as a babysitter in my free time. I already worked, during two years, as a babysitter in Barcelona, taking care of a four years old girl. I am fluent in Spanish, Catalan and English and I’m taking Romanian lessons. I would genuinely enjoy to take care of your children, have fun together and I teach them spanish, english or catalan! I am looking forward to your response, Mulțumesc!

Experienta profesionala

3 ani experienta babysitting

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25 - 40 RON pe ora
125 - 500 RON pe saptamana
500 - 1000 RON pe luna
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0-1 ani, 1-3 ani, 3-10 ani, 10+ ani
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Bucurestii Noi,Dristor,Gara de Nord,Mihai Bravu,Pantelimon,Pipera,Timpuri Noi,Victoriei


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University of Barcelona
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